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"Joe Powell-Main, makes a great deal of the material that stretches the dancers to their limits". (Maggie Foyer for Seeing Dance, November 2021).

" It was a moving interpretation, enhanced by Joe Powell-Main’s beautiful expressive shoulders and arms which also spun his wheelchair with incredible speed and strength. " (Joanna Goodman for Terpsichore November 2021)

"You get the really rich movement from his chair, the gliding motions … It’s like an extension of his body.” (Isabel Lubach, First Artist of the Royal Ballet, interview for the Guardian written by Dalya Alberge. August 2022)

Joe Powell-Main in Rehearsal with Ballet Cymru 2021. Photography by Sian Trenberth. 

Joe Powell-Main performing with Ballet Cymru in Liam Riddick's Murmurations. Photography by Sian Trenberth. 

"We were so pleased to see some rehearsal footage from Alexander Campbell and Kristen McNally’s Sleepwalker, a contemporary reimagining of La Sonnambula. The piece is a high-intensity duet between Isabel Lubach and School alumnus and wheelchair dancer, Joe Powell-Main." (The Royal Ballet School on World Ballet Day 2022 Live Stream).

"The way that Joe moves is only making the whole thing better." (Alexander Campbell Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet and Director of Sleepwalker).

"Joe Powell-Main a differently abled dancer whose talent and ability is truly inspiring." (Rebecca Royall, I am 8 review for Entertainment South Wales. May 2023)

Joe Powell-Main Rehearsing at the Royal Opera House in 2022. Photography by Dylan Vivian. 

Joe Powell-Main and Isabel Lubach rehearsing Sleepwalker 2022. Photography by Alexander Campbell. 

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